Code: 200810

Polyvalent equipment for photo polymerization of resins and composites.
Photo polymerization process by cold LED light. Thanks to the possibility of applying the vacuum, an artifact with greater compactness is obtained for the benefit of greater hardness, better gloss ability, reduced possibility of adhesion of bacterial plaque, better aesthetics and chromaticity with reduction of the surface dispersion layer.
The polymerization chamber opens and closes automatically during the execution of cycles.
You can use the "flash" function with times dictated by the operator.

Main features

  • LED-generated polymerizing light, emitted at 380 to 540 nm.
  • Led polymerizing light with emission from 380 to 540 nanometers.
  • Light curing with cold light.
  • Function with vacuum chamber.
  • Four predefined cycles at ambient pressure, programmable in time.
  • Four pre-defined cycles with vacuum, programmable in time.
  • Quick application of the fixed-time flash function by the operator.





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