These are the main features that make EFFEGI BREGA the ideal partner for dental technicians.
Effegi Brega leader with a wide range in steam generators is at the forefront of dental technology: its patented water pressure-divesting machine is admired for its technology and its attention to operator safety. The latest innovation is the application of photo-polymerization units by pressure and vacuum during the production cycle, another step towards the increasingly high-tech solutions present in the dental sector.
Today Effegi Brega can be found in 35 countries around the world - a testimony of the worldview of its founder. Effegi Brega's mission is the full satisfaction of its customers, and this is the principle that drives its daily work.


The mission of Effegi Brega is the full satisfaction of its customers, and this is the principle that drives its daily work.
The company’s quality policy is controlled by its General Management, as are all its other policy lines. To ensure its continuity and adherence to the company’s purposes, the quality policy is periodically reviewed by the Quality Management System (QMS).



Franco Brega began his work in the dental sector as a dental technician. Born in Castel San Giovanni, province of Piacenza, he was among the first to share the technological revolutions that were taking place in Italy in the first post-war period even in the dental sector.
He invented the first vibrators with suction cups, the first thermal printing units integrated with a special system of plasticized discs of different thickness and consistency, various kinds of steam generators having different functions, polymerization units and other tools and equipment.

All his original creations are based on two main principles: reduce the process time and improve the quality of the prosthetic device. To develop his inventions Brega collaborated and invested with major experts, both dentists and technicians, driven to explore new working methods by renowned specialists such as Dr. Augusto Biaggi, who founded the association Amici di Brugg, and Dr. P.K. Thomas.

Brega set up his own company, called EFFEGI, to manufacture the devices and equipment he designed. In the past and still today multinational companies sell products bearing their trade names made by Effegi Brega – a solid recognition of the products’ quality and reliability.