Year 2017. Patent application 102017000030438

EFFEGI BREGA patent: Multipurpose light-curing unit. A device to cure with light emitted by LEDs which therefore does not heat the product. The device is unique and multipurpose because it can heat the chamber, produce a pressure effect and a vacuum effect and combinations of both.

Year 2014. European Patent WO 2016/079599 A1

EFFEGI BREGA patent: Divesting machine. A device for divesting the cylinders of pressed ceramic appliances. Reduced process time, lower costs and total dust abatement. Caring for the operator’s health is a priority for Effegi Brega.

Year 1970. Italian patent 871122

Franco Brega’s first patent: The mini-printer. A device for thermoforming plastic materials used in dental laboratories. A small revolution that made history in the dental sector.