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Effegi Brega Srl presentation
Hygienic device Nubes
Hygienic device Nubes in use
Tray Cleaner Microjet
Steam generator Chic Plus
Steam generator Chic Plus presentation
Steam generator Chic Plus range
Steam generator Kronos
Steam generator Vanity
Steam generator Minivapor 93
Steam Generator Multivap
Steam Generator Minivapor MS 2005
Steam Generator VK100
Steam Generator VK200
Steam Generator VK300
Steam Generator VK400
Steam Generator VK500NEW
Water softener DVA/8
Polymerization unit Polya
Polymerization unit Polyvalent
Polymerization unit Polyvalent Digital
Polymerization unit Pentathlon 205
Polymerization unit Pentathlon Digital
Polymerization unit Compact
Dust extractor AS800
Light-curing unit Cliché
Light-curing unit Soleil
Sandblaster Sandy
Sandblaster Ares Automatique
Open Box
Sandblaster Box Light
Sandblaster Alox 2001 3M+R
Sandblaster Alox Plus
Divesting machine Atlantis Mono
Atlantis double crown divesting unit
Atlantis single crown divesting unit
Atlantis divesting partial denture
Atlantis divesting metal
Divesting machine Atlantis Rack
Rotary drum dental cleaner Relax
Tray Cleaner Relax
Rotary drum dental cleaner Soft Relax
Water jet cleaner Microjet
Rotary drum dental cleaner Aurore
Water Kettle
Thermoforming unit TFM3
Mixer Melangeur