Code: 200730

Compact and practical table steam generator, ideal for sanitizing. It does not need connection to the water mains. It is enough to load decalcified water into the tank and turn on the vaporizer: 8 minutes after ignition, it is ready for use.
The possibility of using the pedal allows you to have your hands free, allowing the user to work in a practical and fast way. Thanks to an innovative quick change, it allows you to mount a MIDWEST attachment or an INTRAMATIC attachment instead of the Steam nozzle.
It is thus possible to hook all handpieces and Contra-angles on the market and to unlock, clean and sanitize the steps “Spray water” and “Spray air”.
No steam is fed into the air intake holes for turbines and tool grippers.

Main features

  • AISI 316 stainless steel boiler.
  • Working pressure 4 bar.
  • Refilling possible without turning off the equipment.
  • Replaceable quick release steam nozzle.
  • Midwest female attachment nozzle for handpieces.
  • Nozzle with INTRAmatic connection for Contra-angles.





Steam nozzle 180271
Steam nozzle
Midwest attachment 180272
Midwest attachment
Intramatic attachment 180273
Intramatic attachment
Thermal gloves 150037
Thermal gloves
Electrical cable 060120
Electrical cable
Complete Chic Plus foot control 180055
Complete Chic Plus foot control


Attacco Kavo Multiflex 091430
Attacco Kavo Multiflex
Attacco Sirona 091440
Attacco Sirona
Attacco W&H 091450
Attacco W&H
Attacco Bien Air 091460
Attacco Bien Air
Attacco NSK 091470
Attacco NSK
Attacco Speciale 091480
Attacco Speciale