Code: 200510

“Relax” allows you to work at something else while it takes care of cleaning impression trays.
With a rotating basket and a powerful jet of cold water, “Relax” cleans off alginate and silicone residues from impression trays and makes them new again. Thanks to a water jet pressure regulator, this unit can clean impression trays made of stainless steel, aluminium or thermoplastic material.
Compact, practical and easy to use: just install the cleaner close to a sink and connect it to the water mains. This unit will save you time and money, leaving your impression trays just like new.

Main features

  • Simple: just load the cleaner and switch it on.
  • User-friendly: an electronic board controls all the functions and communicates through intuitive LEDs.
  • Three cycles: 3, 6 and 9 minutes, for more customized work.
  • Equipped with a pressure regulator to wash any kind of impression tray.
  • Professional: designed to meet the needs of dental clinics and laboratories.
  • Equipped with a basket to collect the larger debris.
  • The waste water must be conveyed to a settling vessel.





Water intake hose 100501
Water intake hose
Debris collection basket 080309
Debris collection basket
Kit 12 sfere D.30 080072
Kit 12 ball D. 30
Elbow D.75 to 45° 040032
Elbow D. 75 to 45°


Small items basket 071340
Small items basket
Instrument basket 071399
Instrument basket
Staffa scarico D. 75
Discharge bracket D. 75