Code: 200830

MICROJET is a cleaning device specifically designed for the accurare cleaning of 3D-printed elements made with water-soluble support materials.
Thank to a precise water jet, the device MICROJET is the best solution for cleaning small holes, cavities and difficult areas of printed elements. The pressure regulator allows the operator to regulate the water jet power according to the complexity, thicknesses and to the activated material in order not to damage it.
Practical, compact and easy to use: simply connect the device to the water supply and place it near a decanter to convey the waste water with the detached material.

Main features

  • Professional and specifically designed to satisfy the needs of those who use 3D printers with water-soluble supports.
  • Equipped with a pressure regulator from 10 to 60 bar to use the right force according to the component to be cleaned.
  • The work chamber is illuminated with low consumption LED technology.
  • A thin jet of air keeps the glass clean during work.
  • The gloves protect the operator allowing good sensitivity.